Our Story

Founders Morgan Booth (left) and Erich Kleine (right)

Every homeowner knows that a home doesn’t run itself. It takes time and work and the occasional roof repair for everything to come together. And even then, things fall apart.

We’re here to help if they do.

Founded by a high-end homebuilder and a service-minded entrepreneur, Goodsmith® is built on the belief that everyone should have a simple, dependable way to take care of their space.

We put professionalism into practice by valuing your time as much as we do your home. And we leveraged our combined 40+ years of experience and relationships to build a tech-enabled, subscription-based platform that works for you.

It’s a new way of approaching home care, and it’s one we believe in. Because we know the relationship you build with your home sets the foundation for your days.


We’re always looking for new team members and trade partners.