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Winter Freeze Alert 2022: How to manage your house for the next three days!

December 22, 2022

The winter freeze is officially here. Hopefully, your house is prepped (we completed over 150 jobs in the last 48 hours). Now it’s time to actively manage your home for the next three days. Here are key next steps:

Outdoor Sinks, Bathrooms and/or Showers:

  • Start a heavy, warm water drip and don’t turn it off until the outside temperature is above freezing (don’t forget to turn it back on when the temp drops again)
  • The best way to protect the outdoor sinks and showers is to trickle warm water through the fixtures during the freezing temperatures

Precautions Inside the Home:

  • Run your heat, fireplaces, etc. If you are too warm, that’s ok (put on your bathing suit!)
  • Open undercounter cabinet doors for any fixtures on exterior walls
  • Slow drip your interior fixtures (sinks, tubs, showers) with room temp water (you don’t want to drain all your hot water)

Emergency Prep (if you experience a pipe break or if we lose power for an extended period)

  • Know how to shut off your main water line
  • Draw blinds to keep the heat inside
  • Don’t open the doors too often
  • Be prepared to drain your pipes and be ready to manage your water heater (see below)

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