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Make way for LED bulbs (move over incandescents!)

February 7, 2023

We have an important update regarding government regulation around incandescent and halogen bulb consumption to share with you that will impact our service.

Starting in 2007 the government announced a process to eliminate incandescent and halogen bulbs. After only 15 years, the transition is imminent. Effective August 1, 2023, all bulbs sold in the U.S. must be 65% more efficient than a traditional incandescent. Specifically, a bulb must produce 45 lumens per watt of electricity used – this means each bulb must make more light with less energy. 

Leading up to the cutoff in August, our ability to source incandescent bulbs will come to an end. What little supply we can find is expensive, delayed, often produced by a secondary manufacturer, and arrives damaged. We are aware of the heartburn this may cause, but there is no need for it. 

Today, LEDs are designed to shine every bit as warm as their incandescent predecessors! Side-by-side, LED bulbs are indistinguishable from incandescents. To ensure consistent lighting in your home, our techs are being trained to replace not just the one out-bulb, but all incandescent bulbs in a room to LED. If you prefer a different solution, please let us know and we will accommodate your request.  

Throughout this conversion, dimmers will need to be upgraded. If formerly incandescent bulbs flicker after being replaced with LEDs, it’s a sign of incompatibility (not an electrical emergency!). Old dimmers only work with high-wattage bulbs. If this happens, submit an electric request via the app and we’ll get a replacement scheduled.

It is mutually beneficial to make this transition as seamless as possible. But it’s important to know that Goodsmith has no choice but to exclusively stock LED and a select number of fluorescent bulbs. If your lighting preference is to continue using incandescent or halogen, we ask that you procure them prior to our maintenance visit – we will happily replace them for you.

We are here to discuss further if you have questions. Alternatively, here are some informational links with more detail. 

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