What markets does Goodsmith® service?

We currently service select zip codes in the Houston area. Click here to see our service area. Stay tuned as we add additional markets.

How much are Goodsmith services?

Goodsmith staffed trades are typically billed by the hour – handyman ($109), paint ($109), carpentry ($119), plumbing/electric ($175).

Exterior cleaning, window cleaning ($399), gutter cleaning ($329), and pressure washing ($319 for half day/$559 for full day) are fixed options.

Third-party staffed trades (e.g. appliance, HVAC, and garage/gate) are billed based on the scope of the job.

What if I don't have the materials for my project?

We carry over 300 inventory items at our HQ, most of which are relevant for maintenance, plumbing, and electric services. If you nor Goodsmith have the materials on-site necessary to complete a job (e.g. paint, hardware, lumber, fixtures, etc.), there are three procurement options:

  1. If we know where to find what we need, we can run to the closest/most relevant retailer, procure the item, and come back to finish the job (this time will be baked into your initial estimate if we can anticipate the need from your request, otherwise we will add it to the bill).
  2. You can procure the item – once you receive it, let us know and we will schedule time to return it.
  3. In the event that your material needs are only available online, we’ll return to the office, procure on your behalf, and schedule a return trip.

Does Goodsmith have trip charges?

Certain services require trip charges (e.g., HVAC, appliances, garage doors/gates, etc.). Brands, parts, root causes, etc. can vary tremendously and as such, may require an in-person assessment before repairs can start. There is an opportunity cost of these assessments, thus trip charges.

The recommended solution may not be the one you want to hear, but there remains a cost for that news. While trip charges may seem like frivolous attempts to make a buck, they are a necessary element of the industry.

What makes Goodsmith different from a regular contractor?

Finding the right person to work on your home can be a challenge. From researching technicians to bidding out jobs, you can sink hours into a project before the job is even started. That’s not the way we work. With Goodsmith, your subscription gives you access to on-call expertise, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we’ll oversee each project from start to finish for a truly seamless home care experience.

Who will show up at my house?

We do the work. 80% of our requests spanning more than a dozen residential trades are completed by a full-time Goodsmith® technician, who will arrive on-time, in a Goodsmith van, and prepped for your job. The remaining 20% of member requests are serviced by a collection of carefully vetted, hand-selected partners whom we trust.

How do you choose third-party technicians for repair jobs?

There are no shortcuts. That’s why we only work with a trusted network of experienced home care specialists. When we recommend a technician for the job, you can rest assured that they’re the same ones we’d choose for our own homes.

How will I be billed?

Paying your bill couldn’t be simpler with our Goodsmith app, you can use ACH or all major credit cards. (Hello, rewards points!) All services will be included in a single invoice per service request, so you never have to worry about paying a vendor.

As a member, how do I request work?

Members can submit work orders for any job at any time via the Goodsmith App. There’s no time spent on hold or waiting for a callback — just quick responses and quick service.

Why couldn't I sign up?

We never want to call you and tell you we’re stuck in traffic, so we’ve limited our service to homes across certain Houston neighborhoods. If your zip code isn’t listed yet, don’t worry. We’ll be headed your way soon.

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